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September 30, 2005
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10K PIC: Darkheart and Crystal by CDB2 10K PIC: Darkheart and Crystal by CDB2
concept and characters:
Lineart, Colors and coolness praise goes to: and

NEW UPDATE and Completed profile!!!

*RE-UPDATED on 9/25/06*
Finally 2 of my fan characters come alive on paper Darkheart and his daughter Crystal.

He's like Logan only a tad bit tamer, like Anakin only more maturier and ike Tony Stark (since he has billion dollar company as well in the Marvel universe) with a temper. He's not afraid to flip you off or tell you off. And when he goes fural like Logan, you're dead! Crystal, is almost an exact opposite of him. She has bit more patience than him but still has that nonsense attitude...

Both were born in the Marvel-verse as mutants with powers barely different than that of uncle/grad-uncle Magneto. The difference between the three is that Magneto has absoulte control of the electromagnetic spectrum. He's the only user magnetokinesis that can cancel out Darkheart & Crystal. In the case of D.H. nulfying him results in both being nullified.

Darkheart can use a planet's own magnetic field to recharge his own cells a'la Superman style giving him super speed, flight and strength in addition to manipulating magnetic fields like his uncle. Darkheart can also use electricity and electro-magnetic fields to heal himself and regenerate lost limbs or fatale wounds. However, without electricty he cannot regenerate. And he cannot regenerate his head or heart.

Crystal, from her infancy she could mainpluate magnetic fields, something both Magento and D..H. could not do. She also has both their powers and ablitie and the poteninal to pass up both. But at this point of her life both her father and uncle can cancel out her powers with effort.

Force Abilities:
Darkheart was taught some of the ways of the Force during his late teens to young adulthood, shortly after Magneto developed the first allaince with Dooku and Sidious. As part of the bargain, Dooku taught him and Sidious taught Magento the art of lightsaber combat. Yet Dooku sensed potential in him.
His mutant abilites allowed him to effortless manipulate Force lighting, unrivaled rage and fighting skill allowed him to learn quickly and develop unorthdox and lethal style of lightsaber combat. The knowledge he learned using the Force helped give him better focus and control over his mutant powers. Dooku hailed him as one of greatest pupil, 2nd to one and only one: Qui-Gon.

Later on after the huge fall out between the two. Darkheart took trained Crystal in lightsaber combat. She's excelled very quickly and soon she begun weilding two lightsabers. Already her dual lightsaber skills are stated to be greater than any weilder

The Falling Out
- During his young adulthood, he was involved with a boyhood crush, during this time. She became hte mother of Crystal. Dooku and Magneto were divided on this issue. On one hand they felt that this was a weakness to Darkheart and could hurt their plans. On the other she was going to provide a child that could carry out the father's legacy. It was Sidious who ultimate decided it to allow to bring the child in the world and elimnate her in case she jeapolzes their plans.

After a few months of giving birth Crystal, and after countless times to try to get D.H. to give up the lifestyle, she passed away in unkown accident involing anti-mutant group. This was used a fire to fuel D.H. rage as he took down countless numbers of the Brotherhood enemies.... He and Magneto were the ones repsonible for Neo, who was an gifted intern hacker at the time, who helped Xavier and [link].L.D keep track of them by hacking into their important files, being assimilated into the Matrix.

A few years later, after absorbing the electo-magnetic energy that was left from the remains of Cell and being ultimately defeated by a young post-Cell saga Gohan and Neo. He was left in lthe dimesions limbo, but was given a 2nd chance. That's when he learned about and shown the truth about the mother of his child's fate.

Other Facts:
-Darkheart is among the top billionaries in the Marvel-verse. He uses his influence to get things from getting Pro-Mutant legislation passed to using some the X-men and others allies to get personal things done
-He an allias name that he uses to keep idenity revelaed. Though only S.H.E.I.L.D knows about him due to the fact he and Xavier are working with them.
- Crystal's 15 years old and is a sophmore in High School. So she's the same age as Spiderman, Sam, and Danny.
- Darkheart is the 5th strongest member on the team.
-Both can turn their eyes black on red at will and see things hidden are unseen to the naked eye.
- Darkheart's business rival in the Marvel-verse is Wilison Fisk aka The Kingpin. that's it for the info about them now.
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